Shouldn't We Be Asking About Donald Trump's Involvement With 'The Mike Flynn Russia Phone Call?'

Why are we focusing on Michael Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador about President Obama's sanctions on Russia while a private citizen?

Does anyone really think that Michael Flynn would talk to Russia about this on his own? On a whim? Just for fun?

Instead of focusing on Michael Flynn or if he lied to Mike Pence or Donald Trump, shouldn't we be asking Donald Trump if he told his National Security Advisor appointee to speak to or reassure the Russians about President Obama's sanctions?

Instead of trying to get Mike Flynn fired from the Trump administration shouldn't we be investigating whether Donald Trump should be "fired" for illegally speaking -- directly or indirectly -- with Russia at all, either before the election, during the election or after the election?

And can we be adults here and ask the obvious question?

"Why would Michael Flynn, either on his own initiative or under the direction of President-Elect Donald Trump, be talking about sanctions, at all?" Might it have something to do with some sort of deal, some "quid pro quo," some favor that Donald Trump or his team had promised Russia BEFORE the election?

Focusing on Michael Flynn and his call with Russia about sanctions is like focusing on thunder and not realizing that somewhere, at some point, there was a huge flash of lightning.

Isn't it time for Congress or New York Attorney General Schneiderman, or someone to officially investigate Donald Trump and his entire team's potential illegal dealings with Vladimir Putin and Russia before The November 8, 2016 election?