10/31/2014 10:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Only 4 People Really Running on November 4

This post is co-authored with Jesse Gordon, Editor-in-Chief of On The Issues, and Steve Hilton, Founder and CEO of CrowdPAC.

There are only four people really running in the November 4 Midterm Elections and your choice will change America.

The President is not running. The Vice President is not running. But the third and fourth most important positions in America are up for grabs on November 4 ... and these two leaders, and their own philosophies and policies will control Congress, Washington, DC and The United States for the next two years!


From left to right, the candidates for the Speaker of the House, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi, and the candidates for Senate Majority Leader, Mitch Mcconnell and Harry Reid.

And the differences could not be more dramatic. Here, in very simplified form, are just some of those differences. Since there are, of course, many more details and nuances than we can include in a one phrase statement, no matter how accurate that phrase is, we encourage you to consult,,, for more information on these four leaders, check out some of the resources listed at the bottom or call The US Capitol Switchboard at 202 224 3121 and ask to speak to their staffs.



The two people elected to these two positions will control The United States Congress and, in many cases, are even more important than The President of The United States. They decide who chairs every committee, they decide what bills can even be voted on, and when (if ever) they will be voted on and everything else that happens in their house of Congress. Here, courtesy of our friends at CROWDPAC, is a visual representation of the very deep differences between these 4 candidates, on a continuum. It shows that Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are solidly Liberal in their philosophies and policies and that Republicans Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are solidly Conservative in their philosophies and policies. Some can call this "gridlock" but isn't it what America and Democracy are really all about? On November 4 over 300 Million Americans have a clear, and powerful CHOICE between two very different visions and futures of America. You can learn more at


So, how do I vote for one or the other of these people?

It's very simple. Forget all the TV and radio and internet ads.

- If you want John Boehner, and his set of philosophies and policies to run The House of Representatives, vote for the Republican running for Congress from your District.

- If you want Nancy Pelosi, and her set of philosophies and policies to run The House, vote for the Democrat.

- If you want Mitch McConnell and his set of philosophies and policies to run the Senate, vote for the Republican running for Senate in your State.

- If you want Harry Reid and his set of philosophies and policies to run the Senate, vote for the Democrat running for Senate in your State.

When you vote for a candidate running for the House of Representatives or for the Senate and they go back to Washington, their first job and their first vote is for the Speaker of the House of Representatives or for the Majority Leader of the Senate. These incredibly important positions are elected by a majority in both of those houses.

So, if the Republicans get a majority of the 435 members of the house, (218 or more) they will elect a Republican Speaker of the House. In this case that will likely be John Boehner.

If the Democrats gain the majority on November 4, they will likely elect Nancy Pelosi.

In the Senate it's the same process. If the Democrats keep the majority of 51 or more of the 100 senators, then Harry Reid will be Majority Leader. If the Republicans "take over" and have a total of 51 or more senators, then Mitch McConnell will likely be the next Senate Majority Leader.

And, if we can elect a Republican Speaker and a Republican Majority Leader or a Democratic Speaker and a Democratic Majority Leader there's a good chance that we can completely break the gridlock in Congress and change the face of politics in America in one day -- November 4.

That's how important Midterm Elections can be!

Who you vote for in YOUR District and State determines which two of these four people will run Congress, and that will determine the policies, the solutions and the very direction of our country for the next two years, and beyond!

For more information on all of the candidates running in The 2014 Midterm Elections visit these terrific sites: Nancy Pelosi:, John Boehner: ,, Harry Reid: Mitch McConnell:,

And, also:,,