09/29/2015 02:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

8 Top Online Influencers in Digital Marketing


In the last several years, the world of digital marketing has exploded and become one of the most influential tools for companies of all types and sizes to grow their brand. However, as this industry has grown, a number of big names have emerged from the market. These top online influencers in the digital marketing world have managed to change the market for the better and usher in a new era of digital marketing tools and approaches for today's most established companies.

1. Shama Hyder (Marketing Zen)

Entrepreneur magazine once named Shama Hyder the "Zen Master of Marketing." She is the author of the best selling book "The Zen of Social Media Marketing." Hyder launched her company Marketing Zen when she was a grad student, and used just $1,500 to start the company. Today, the Dallas-based social media marketing firm is a multi-million dollar enterprise that handles all different aspects of web marketing for their clients. This company specializes in staying on top of the digital age with a unique social media-based strategy that countless clients from all over the country are counting on for their digital marketing needs.

2. Brian Halligan (Hubspot)

Brian Halligan is the CEO and the co-founder of HubSpot, one of today's most recognizable internet marketing companies. This organization was founded in 2006, when Brian and co-founder Dharmesh Shah wanted to create a new platform and inbound marketing experience that would help businesses adapt to today's ever-changing digital market. This powerful yet easy-to-use platform has helped countless businesses attract and engage customers from all over the country.

3. Gary Vaynerchuk

Digital marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk has not only appeared on Crain's list of Top 40 Under 40, but he is also seen as a pioneer in the digital marketing world. He is the creative mind behind and the WineLibrary TV YouTube channel. After his video-based digital marketing company took off, he launched VaynerMedia, a social-media marketing agency that has now grown into a massive $50 million company and has helped countless brands embrace new and exciting ideas in the world of online marketing.

4. Leo Wildrich (Buffer)

Leo Wildrich is the co-founder and CEO of Buffer, a brand that claims to provide the public with the easiest way possible to post information on social media. The company sets out to make the process of driving traffic and increasing fan engagement simple. The company has leveraged its strong global presence to help numerous companies from around the globe simplify the process of social media marketing in order to help grow their brands efficiently.

5. Marcus Tober (Searchmetrics)

Marcus Tober is the founder and CTO of Searchmetrics, the leading international search analytics company that focuses on new technology and software development. This cutting-edge company specializes in SEO optimization and analysis, SEO strategies and SEO/Social analytics software. The company was founded in 2006 in Berlin as one of the first SEO SaaS platforms. Since it launched, this company has changed the way that people manage their SEO campaigns so they can keep all of their workflow in one place.

6. Tom Treanor (Wrike)

Tom Treanor is the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media for Wrike, a leading SaaS project management and collaboration platform. This Wharton Business School graduate developed Wrike to become one of the leading global content and social media strategy firms in the world. The purpose of this brand is simple: focus on inbound marketing and lead generation in order to drive content development and SEO efforts. They have countless clients that rely on their streamlined digital marketing services.

7. Erin Cigich (

Erin Cigich, the CEO at, has been working with this digital marketing company since 2007. The goal of her company is to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs to create a performance-based marketplace. The company provides partners with a progressive full-service management platform, designed to help both advertisers and affiliates find new forms of revenue generation all in one place. This company is not only changing the affiliate marketing game, but was also ranked as Inc. 500's #1 Marketing and Advertising Company.

8. Brian Sutter (Wasp Barcode Technologies)

For the past five years, Brian Sutter has been the Director of Marketing at Wasp Barcode Technologies and has been a driving force in developing this brand and creating an entirely new marketing approach for the company. In addition to leading Wasp through the launch of more than 20 new products, he orchestrated a complete online overhaul of the company's web presence, winning him several awards including W3 and Interactive Media Awards.