06/28/2007 03:25 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

My Apple Experience

We have three Apple computers (laptops) in the family and we have four
iPods. My kids swear by Apple. My musician friends swear by Apple and
my photographer friends do too.

Never have all three of our laptops been working at the same time and
never have all four iPods been working at the same time. My laptop was
a couple months old when it was killed for choosing to reside under a
leaky roof. There's an old proverb that says "a leaky roof can fool the
sun but it can't fool the rain." So I come in and my desk is all wet
and off course, there are no Apple repairmen in Haiti so I buy a ticket
to New York to accompany my Aunt, who's getting on in age and needs
accompanying, and I go to the Prince Street Apple Store. Now I don't
know if you've ever had to buy a last minute ticket on American
Airlines but nothing makes you more vulnerable in the flying world than
a last minute decision (Over $800 Port-au-Prince/New York and back).

The Genius at the Apple Store tells me that it will cost $750-$800 to
send the computer to the shop to get it fixed by who knows when or I
can buy a new one for $1100 ($1300 if you want the "burn DVD" option
and more memory). Everything is cool though because the black T-Shirts
every one wears at the Apple Store are cool and the vibe is cool and
when I get used by American Airlines I get mad but when I get used by
Apple it's all cool. Well at least my iPod means I never have to listen
to the radio any more, which to me means one of the world's great
problems is solved. So now I'm thinking it would have been cheaper to
fix the roof but my Aunt had to get to New York anyway so what the
heck. I did invite the Genius guys at Apple to move to Haiti and start
their own store and they were intrigued but I didn't have time to stand
around and convince them.

What ever happened to the lawsuit filed by Apple records? And this
iPhone, I guess it means my carrying load is a lot lighter when I

And, perhaps some one is thinking, "He got his laptop fixed" so all the
Apple laptops at my house are working. Well, my son's Apple had trouble
getting out of Freeze mode, but it worked perfectly for the Genius guy
at the Apple Store and when I brought it back to Port-au-Prince it went
back to Freeze mode. I'll wait till my aunt needs to fly back before I
buy my ticket.