04/19/2011 03:14 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2011

Rhymes for Our Times

Ten quick ones from the boys at Limerick & Verse...

A chicken with stars in her eyes
Cut miscreant farms down to size.
"A journalist hen?!"
They giggled -- but then
She captured the Pullet Surprise.

* * *
A president speaking in front of a crowd
Should know when his microphone's hot,
Obama talks trash about GOP friends --
A mistake? Or a pre-arranged shot?

* * *
A teabag afloat in a cup
Thinks spending must never go up,
He issues a threat --
He'll vote "no" on the debt --
Is he playing with dynamite? Yup.

* * *
The man with a tan when it's not even May
Has an image he wants us to trust,
A man who's bright orange and cries all the time?
Are we sure it's a tan? (Could be rust.)

* * *
Said the Chamber of Commerce's tools,
"Who needs regulations or rules?
We'll just self-police,
(We'll look great in that fleece!)
Is it our fault consumers are fools?"

* * *
The rebels hang on and Gaddafi hangs on:
Away from Benghazi, now toward,
But the worst case is stalemate, a desert morass,
First the bullets run out -- then we're bored.

* * *
An oyster adrift and asquirm,
But eager to live out his term,
Arose from his bed,
Checked his wristwatch and said,
"It's the oily bird catches the worm."

* * *
The NBA playoffs are rolling again,
There's another game starting real soon,
Ev'ry shot is amazing, each pass and each dunk --
And it might be half over by June.

* * *
A rating from Standard & Poor's
Decided to rattle some doors,
She stayed Triple A
(At least for today),
But she's out there, and settling scores.

* * *
A billionaire loudmouth can say what he wants,
And if someone's upset, does he care?
Of course not! He's Trump, and he might even run,
But if not -- well, just vote for his hair!

# # #

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