06/04/2012 10:54 am ET Updated Aug 04, 2012

On, Wisconsin! Turn Out, and Turn Scott Walker Out

So here's a question: Does a billionaire from Beloit really need Scott Walker's help to make her life even more comfortable? She thinks so, apparently. And so does Scott Walker.

She wants a Wisconsin where unions get squashed like bugs? Where working folks don't have any say? He's got a plan to make it happen. (Because... why? Because otherwise she might have to scrape by some year on only $980 million?!)

Our governor's got this thing for billionaires -- maybe you've noticed.

Real billionaires, or even fake billionaires -- people pretending to be billionaires just to punk him on a phone call. It doesn't matter -- Scott Walker loves talking to them! He tells them whatever's on his mind. All his plans. His strategies. "Divide and conquer." "Drop the bomb." All of it.

They're his confidants -- his bosom buddies. He tells them things he'd never tell you!

But don't take my word for it. He admitted it himself -- even if he didn't realize he was admitting it.

One of the most revealing moments in the two Walker-Barrett debates happened early in the first one, last Friday night, right here in the studios of Milwaukee Public TV. Walker was asked about how polarized Wisconsin had become over the changes he'd pushed through in collective-bargaining rights. Would he do anything differently if he had it all to do over again?

"Without a doubt!" he said. He'd have done more to sell his "reforms" to the people all across the state, he said. Back in January and early February of 2011, he said.

That's nice.

Anybody remember when the election was? It was in November of 2010! The time to tell people about your plans to crush the unions was before the elections, not months afterward!

See? Even when he's trying to sound "reasonable," to show a bit of "remorse," he still can't bring himself to be open and honest with voters. Not with ordinary voters, anyway. High-earners? That's a different story.

So here's the other question: Tired of having a governor who sucks up to the super-rich while he stonewalls the rest of us?

You have a couple of options:

You can show up on Tuesday and send him packing. Or you can sit on your butt on Tuesday, and then complain on Wednesday if he's still running things for the benefit of his rich friends.

Or you can become a billionaire.