02/07/2013 05:38 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2013

Change U

Personal change is possible for anyone. There are some who do not believe that and others who say it is easier said than done. Anyone who has ever tried to change knows it is difficult. But the reality is that people change every day for the better in many different ways. Change can happen and it is better to change before you are forced too.

The Bible is filled with stories of people who made positive changes in their lives. One of the most dramatic examples was the apostle Paul. Once known as Saul he tried to destroy the church, he then changed so completely that he became a leader of the early church establishing many churches. In Galatians 1:23 it says, "They had only heard that the one who had been cruel to them was now preaching the message that he had once tried to destroy." Paul's life shows what permanent change looks like. To have such change you need to identify several things.

Identify Why You Resist Change

There are several reasons why one may resist change. Life is comfortable the way it is and there is a lack of openness about the need to change. Another reason is that you might fail because it is challenging to do something new. The thought of failing keeps you from changing. Change can be a threat to your friends or family. Their disapproval keeps you from trying to change. A key reason people don't change is because it is so hard to change the sheer difficulty is too intimidating to even try. A final reason is that you don't know what might happen after you change fear of the unknown or the new life you may live is just too frightening.

Identify Why You Will Change

People change when they hurt enough they have to, they experience enough they want to or they learn enough they are able to. Only you can determine what it is that will cause you to want to change. There are certainly negative realities that may force change upon you like health problems or a job loss. But there are positive inspirations for you to change. You may have a shift in values, beliefs or interests. These will cause you to want a different way of living or acting. You have the need for a new challenge. In order to keep growing you will need to make changes in your work, career or routine. You may come to the realization of just how short life is. If you do not make changes now your brief life on this earth could be less than you want it to be.

Identify What You Will Change

What is it that you want to change in your life? It could be your health and fitness. You want to weigh less, feel stronger and have more energy. Your financial situation may need to change. Having too much debt, too little in retirement and stress about bills is not how you want to live. You may want a happier marriage. In order to make it long-term and provide stability for your family the relationship must get better. Or it may be that you need to get closer to God. Knowing the plan God has for your life and living it out is what will bring you fulfillment in life. These things can happen for instance if you change your eating habits, create a budget, go to a marriage seminar or start attending a church. There are many more steps but it all starts with you beginning to change.

There are questions you can ask yourself about your change. Can you envision yourself actually doing it? Is this your goal or someone else's? If you have tried before what is going to be different this time? Will this make a positive difference in your life? Change is seldom immediate it is a process that takes time. It is best to focus on one change at a time so you are not overwhelmed. If it was easy everyone would change. But it can be done and the happiness that positive change can bring to your life is worth the effort.