06/22/2015 02:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

More From Jackie Steves in Bali

My daughter Jackie continues her blog reporting on her Southeast Asian adventure. Here are a few random bits from her latest entry. After reading these excerpts, you can head on over to get the full story of her first day ever in that amazing hemisphere:

When I experience a new place for the first time, I want to find all of the reasons to love it and to embrace even the apparent "negatives" as opportunities to step outside my comfort zone. From what I have heard (from friends, pop culture, and Eat, Pray, Love), Bali was going to be heaven on earth. My first evening here, however, was less than blissful.

Airport ATMs that take Visa -- all broken. Seas of men approaching me, saying, "Taxi? Transport? Where you going?" "No thank you," I would reply. But then they would follow me. Dude, no means no.

Imagine streams of motorcycles and cars braiding in and out. No one bothers to check their blind spots. At multiple-lane intersections with no stoplights, cars don't stop -- and barely yield -- creating a massive convergence of vehicles absent rhyme or reason (at least, to my Western eyes).

We were fairly warned: Kuta is where Aussies go to party. We somehow found the exception: a quirky local surfer party. Balinese surfing instructors rocking Billabong and long wavy locks. Love it.

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