06/17/2015 07:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mystery Images Caption Roundup

Thanks to all of you for playing along with my silly photo caption posts. (I'm sorry if some of you didn't realize I was just goofing around.) Here are my favorites of the hundreds of clever captions you proposed:


I shot this killing time with a fine sunset on the south coast of Greece. I liked these clever captions:
  • Best OB/GYN visit ever.
  • I started my juggling class, but got hungry instead.
  • Who needs Viagra?


This sign on a coffee machine at breakfast in Antibes caught my eye. While it means "out of service," I like your captions much better:
  • Blonde, brunette, or redhead?
  • The service of our hors will have you screaming for merci.
  • Fingering it here should make it work.
  • Either this means "out of service," or we're in for a real treat.


This painting of the French war hero Massena in Nice came with a remarkable moustache, and these captions explain it all:
  • Clearly, this fashion trend has yet to come around again.
  • I mustache you a question.
  • Beard or mustache? Decisions, decisions... Oh, wait! Both!
  • Now, son, everything my beard points to is our land.
  • Nigel was disappointed to only win third place in the Portland Mr. Hipster Pageant.
  • And that was the end of the royal bloodline.


Friends back in my hometown of Edmonds, Washington, asked me to help celebrate our town's 125th birthday with a sign. So here, at Pisa's Camposanto Cemetery, I let my fingers do the talking: 125. But I like these captions better:
  • Look Mom, I can count!
  • Tour guide gang sign.
  • How does a bad left-handed carpenter order ten beers?
  • This explains everything you need to know about the metric system in Europe.
  • A quick satanic blessing...and...action!


This is simply my toiletry kit with my late-night snacks, but these captions work great:
  • Every good traveler knows: Keep your oranges clean and well-shaven.
  • My expense account isn't what it used to be.
  • Items confiscated by Italian airport security.
  • What? Oranges and no deodorant? What was I thinking?
  • Sometimes, even for seasoned travelers, the language barrier presents insurmountable room service hurdles.


This advertising poster behind bars caught my eye in Santa Margherita Ligure. And your captions make it fun:
  • Here, on a tiny alley in Venice, we see a shrine for the patron saint of ugly swimsuits.
  • European prisons take a progressive approach: Prisoners don't do time, they do yoga and water aerobics.
  • What happens when the fashion police actually catch you.
  • Just press the button on the Hors Service box to get in...


I was surprised how many knew this restaurant in Avignon (and really liked it). I just shot the photo because the sign struck me as goofy (since I don't speak French). With a name like "The Gout of the Day," I figured, "It's no wonder the tables were empty." Here are your captions:
  • I'll have the Gout du Jour, with a side of acid reflux
  • Le Gout du Jour, a place to stop and put your feet up, with hopes that pain in the toe will go away.
  • Le Gout today, Le Gone tomorrow.
  • So gout it hurts!
  • Gout to get you into my life.


These statues in Nice seemed to make a fun pair. Thanks for the explanations:
  • Where's that smell coming from?
  • Photobummed!
  • Oh, to relax under a full moon and watch the sky.
  • My pigtails are up here.
  • Emboldened by her new shampoo and conditioner, Annabel visits a nude beach in Europe...but cannot stomach all the views.
  • Moon Over My Mammaries