06/24/2015 07:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nicolina's "Hearts of India" Tour Is Wrapping Up

My niece, Nicolina, is just finishing a three-month, 7,500-mile trip around India. Her life's mission: to bring young people in humble villages a chance to explore their inner worlds through the meditative act of painting.

Nicolina has brought her empowering show on the road to all corners of our planet. Along with her partner in artistic evangelism, Orien, Nicolina is a kind of Johnny Appleseed -- planting not apples, but a joy of art as a way to better embrace life. I was right there with her in spirit -- and painted on the tailgate -- for the entire adventure. I've enjoyed some fun sponsorships over the years...and this is my favorite.

Ride with Nicolina through her Indian adventure. And remember, Nicolina is just one of several lively and inspirational travel blogs featured right now in our Travelers Café.