Scotland Tour, Day 1: First-Night Excitement

07/10/2013 04:54 pm ET Updated Sep 09, 2013

Each year we organize and lead about 500 bus tours, and each year I take one of them. This year, Scotland's up. Taking one of my own tours as a participant (rather than as a guide) is very helpful for many reasons.

I signed up as "Rick Romstad" (by grandfather's surname, which I think would have been a cool travel writer's name). But the group had figured me out. (Damn you, Google.) I was struck how, from the first hour, the group and our guide enjoyed a wonderful vibe. So I shot this crude little video, taken even before the lovely food arrived. It captures the energy and eager anticipation as we await our first dinner and kick off 10 days in Scotland together. Stay tuned as I report from the bus as we tour Edinburgh and then head into the Highlands.