01/13/2012 07:34 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Thoughtful Travel As A Personal Investment (VIDEO)

Last month I had the enjoyable challenge of writing and giving a talk for TED (a conference that encourages creative, outside-the-box thinking). I've long respected the Ted organization as a great forum involving smart and thoughtful people. So this experience -- like giving a talk to a Mensa group -- had me a bit more nervous than usual. But once I got going, it was a joy. This talk was given to a full auditorium in Kane Hall at the University of Washington. It's a 20-minute distillation of the 75-minute talk I give around the country. As I review this video, I realize that, cutting my message down to just 20 minutes is a classic example how-from a teaching point of view-less can be more. I hope you enjoy this chance for me to make the case that thoughtful travel is a wise investment of time and money.