12/30/2014 04:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Abductee Painter Channels Aliens in His Art


An alien abduction can either be a shocking experience or an illuminating one, better yet, sometimes it's both. Abductees have reported nightmares decades after having a close encounter with the third kind; they have reported persistent feelings of being watched, and mental irritability all around. However, they have also reported feelings of an enlightenment, a knowledge so rare that it can only be felt, not described. But here's something, coming from a 33-year-old UK artist, that seems unique to me.

Lloyd Canning had his first visit from the other world when 10 years ago he was abducted in 2005. A resident of Evesham, Worcestershire, Canning is a father of two, a former scaffolder. He says that he saw a UFO hovering over his newly purchased secondhand van in 2005, after which, he was abducted. Ever since the abduction, he had had images compelled into his brain, images of beautifully surrealistic subjects that he felt compelled to paint as soon as they swept across his brain.


Ever since that first sighting I have had these crazy visions that just come over me. When they happen it's like I don't have a choice -- I just have to paint them.

It's something that I think I have to tell people about, I think I was chosen because I was an artist, and they know they could channel through me.

Until 2012, he kept his paintings secret in fear of ridicule, but now he chooses to be more open with whatever he does. He had his first art exhibition in 2013. He also regularly attends conventions for discussions on ETs and multi-dimensional beings.


I met someone at a recent event in Leeds and he explained to me about channelling.

He said to me, "there's a strong chance that you're being used by extra-terrestrials, they could be channelling through you."

Lloyd says that he has been visited by six alien spaceships on different occasions till now. He is now preparing for his first international exhibition.

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