05/27/2014 09:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Bittersweet Indie Road Trip Film Needs Your Help

There is a New World Somewhere is an intimate story about love, adventure, connecting and finding a sense of self. The film follows Sylvia, a struggling artist who flies from NYC to Austin to attend a friend's wedding, then before the wedding she meets Esteban at a pre-wedding party and he dares her to leave her friends behind, skip the wedding, and go with him on a roadtrip he's planned through the deep south, ending in NYC.

Seed and Spark campaign for There is a New World Somewhere is seeking to raise funds to complete the film. By donating you're directly contributing to the completion of this project. 

As a coming-of-age story, it has thematic elements that practically everyone can relate to. 

Everyone has stood at the cusp of young adulthood, and felt scared yet excited to see where his/her life will take them. Those taking the road less traveled must be brave and rely on their confidence when challenged by others. Sylvia's struggles are that of any risk taker. She struggles to channel her power of creation amidst her own self-doubt and the doubt of others around her. 

Filmmaker Li Lu feels a close connection to her heroine, a strong female protagonist, whose passion, self-doubt, drive, and fears are explored, throughout this thoroughly personal journey (as manifested in both the film and in its conception).

At this stage in life, I feel as close to our heroine as I'll ever be. Abundant in passion but lacking in ways to manifest it, this story was a way for me to try to understand myself and fight my own self-doubts. This is why I want to make this film, for I feel anyone who has tried to express anything creative can relate to these fears.  As Wim Wenders said, "I want to make personal films, not private films."

Lu hopes this story is received as a "modern retelling of The Bell Jar." The Sylvia Plath classic lends itself to the film's sense of urgency, immediacy and struggle for connection in a world that feels alien and disconnected.

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