08/14/2014 05:10 pm ET Updated Aug 14, 2014

Visit The World's Scariest Places With The Star Of Ghost Hunters

If you've ever found yourself curled up on the couch, watching the cast of SyFy's Ghost Hunters poke around in some of the most haunted buildings in the world and thought, "I wish I could do that," then you're in luck. Amy Bruni, one of the stars of Ghost Hunters, announced today that she's launched a new travel and event company aimed squarely at fans of the paranormal.

Strange Escapes is billed as a "boutique experience" that will offer curious adventurers the opportunity to explore some of the most incredible landmarks in haunted history, all while mingling with some of the brightest minds in paranormal research. Guests will get to investigate the notorious Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, which served as Stephen King's inspiration for The Shining, or the Preston Castle in Ione, California, where Ghost Hunters captured an apparition crawling on the ceiling. Yeah, that's not terrifying at all. There's also an event planned at the haunted Belvoir Winery, if you like your spirits a little less scary and a lot more drinkable.

In addition to providing access to the spookier sides of famous locations, Strange Escapes also hopes to highlight some of America's hidden, and haunted, gems.

"We’d love to put some lesser-known haunts on the map and to enable more people to attend events that are closer to home," Strange Escapes' Event Manager Sarah Coombs said. "We’d also love to reach those who never even knew such events existed and to witness the horizon of their world expand just a bit."

Amy Bruni is no stranger to planning some seriously spooky getaways. In 2006, she founded Beyond Reality Events with her Ghost Hunters co-stars Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, and the move proved to be a good one. During its eight year run, Beyond Reality Events went on to become the country's premiere paranormal event planning business. Strange Escapes is poised to replicate that success by providing guests with a more intimate experience than many other events catering to seekers of the supernatural.

“Prior to being on Ghost Hunters, I used to travel the country to visit haunted places on my own," Bruni said. "I love the idea of providing weekend events that are filled with educational lectures by day and immersive, live investigations at night. I’m also passionate about a comfortable, lighthearted social atmosphere being a crucial part of the experience. When you come to a Strange Escapes event, we want you to instantly feel like you’re part of our family.” 

Not only will guests get to poke into the dark corners of the world's most infamous locations, they'd get to do so alongside their favorite professional paranormal investigators. Some of the celebrity guests lined up include everyone from Ghost Hunters co-founder Grant Wilson to World-Renowned Psychic Chip Coffey, with more being added regularly. 

From the official website:

Every Strange Escapes event will feature in depth investigations of some of the largest, most haunted locations in the United States. Plus, lectures from paranormal notables, television personalities, authors and more. You will shake their hands, pick their brains, and perhaps even sit down to dinner with them. You will learn and see things you never knew were possible, and you will leave knowing that you’re not alone in your beliefs. And if you don’t believe in anything supernatural or paranormal but instead, want the opportunity to explore a different perspective? You will be welcomed with open arms. We love skeptics too. Mostly.

“We’re really focused on creating something truly exceptional to fill a niche for smart, inquisitive people who hunger for an experience that’s just a little… strange," said Coombs. "Our goal is to spread this spark of curiosity throughout the country, particularly to people and places that have never before had the opportunity." 

If you're ready to face bumps in the night with your favorite television stars, you'll get your first chance in November when Strange Escapes heads to Preston Castle. For ticket information, news on upcoming events, and contact information, visit the Strange Escapes official website. Don't forget your flashlight!

-Greg Newkirk