05/09/2008 09:34 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Today's Sign of the Apocalypse: Moscow Does Not Believe in Subtlety

My new book, Apocalypse How, is about how the world is about to end... and why we should be psyched! It's the first-ever work of apocalyptic literature that "accentuates the positive" -- and teaches you how to not just survive, but thrive. As with any exciting new endeavor, however, the key to thriving in a post-apocalyptic world is PREPARATION. In that spirit, I'll be alerting you whenever I spot a sign of our impending doom -- or should I say, your impending opportunity!

SIGN: Russians celebrate Victory Day by reviving the Soviet-era Red Square military parade...

WHY THAT'S A SIGN: ...complete with tanks and nukes. The Cold War's back, only now with oil money!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Nuclear apocalypse, 80s's style. Expect panicky runs on milk, bread, and leg warmers - a panic exacerbated by their current non-existence.

WHY THAT'S GREAT NEWS: VH-1 commentators with no other marketable skills now in great position to become our spirit guides through these troubling, oddly neon-colored times.

HOW TO PREPARE: Clear out that bomb shelter you've since converted into a "World of Warcraft" room - this will be the same idea, but more socially engaging.

Daily Show writer Rob Kutner's Apocalypse How is available in stores May 12th, or online here