04/28/2011 06:21 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2011

Why Will and Kate on a Plate Is Great

A lot of hoopla has been made this week about the royal wedding, and of course, all the royal wedding tchotchkes for sale.

Tune in to any of the 24-hour cable news channels and you're bound to see coverage of Will and Kate and their plates, hats and pens. There's also been a sizable amount of press devoted to more uncommon collectibles like commemorative cereals, tea bags and even condoms, to which I say, "Brilliant!"

Critics may call the wedding a "hopelessly overhyped celebration," but it seems to me, doing it to the nines for a royal wedding is just as important as applying copious amounts of face paint before attending a football game.

One argument against all this "creative" memorabilia is that it's not classy. To think, there are those who question if the royal wedding is being cheapened by mementos like, you know, royal barf bags. But then again, aren't royal weddings all about reminding the whole world there are some who are born to be kings and the rest of us commoners? If the British people have to endure that message reverberated ad nauseum this weekend perhaps they can take solace in being able to literally eat the faces of Will and Kate after purchasing a commemorative Papa John's Pizza.

And while we're at it, let's not forget that what was one day's tacky souvenir is tomorrow's must have collectible. Some may scoff at the Will and Kate bobblehead doll but wait a few years and perhaps it'll be worth some quality quid like the ones for these four blokes. You can buy a Porsche with the money you'd get from selling an original Princess Di Beanie Baby.

Other naysayers say all the fanfare takes away from the actual event itself, the wedding between two real life people. Well they may be young, but Will and Kate have the wisdom to recognize that weddings aren't just about two people coming together. They're about families growing, communities celebrating, and in this case, all of Britain and the rest of the world's Anglophiles uniting for one event. Will and Kate are giving their country the gift of sharing their love in a very public way and people are in turn finding ways to feel it in every way imaginable. And if feeling love is wrong, who wants to be right?