07/26/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Four Questions for John McCain

When President Bush was running for office, when he was on vacation before 9/11, when he was talking big afterward -- I did complain to my co-workers. I talked about what his language really meant when you took away all the things it implied and did your best not to jump to conclusions. I remember talking to people about the Plame leak, and Bush's comment that he would "take care" of the leaker(s) when they were identified -- and I know other people tried to do the same. Most of us were ignored, derided, called 'pessimistic' and 'unpatriotic,' perhaps even 'traitorous,' depending on our timing. Today, I believe the only mistake those of us who objected made was that we were not loud enough -- not, perhaps, that it would have mattered, but it would have been harder to leave out of the narrative later.

In that spirit, here are four questions I'd like someone to ask Senator McCain, and that I'd like him to answer -- without parsing, without equivocating, just answer. And if he doesn't answer -- we keep asking. And if these questions no longer seem topical--we ask something else. I don't want to act like the Republicans, but I do want to make sure our narrative gets equal play--that's what gets "teh Googles" to wake up and pay attention.

1. Senator McCain, it's my understanding that Karl Rove, known to some as "Bush's Brain" is acting as an informal advisor to your campaign. Are you aware that Rove is currently evading a congressional subpoena, that he has left the country & shows no inclination to appear?

2. Are you aware that several members of the Bush White House have now failed to respond to congressional subpoenas? What is your opinion of people who show contempt for you & your fellow congresspersons in this way?

3. You have supported President Bush on many issues, including his handling of the war and his stance on tax cuts (which, before you were running for president you opposed), you have been photographed publicly embracing him, and yet now you have a little old lady arrested for holding up a sign that reads "McCain = Bush." Please tell us why you would not like to be associated with President Bush? Why is he a political liability to you now?

4. I understand that you have distanced yourself from Phil Gramm's comment to the effect that "We have sort of become a nation of whiners," and yet, I find it hard to believe that you chose this man to work on your campaign on economic issues, you have worked with him closely for a year, and yet you were unfamiliar and/or in disagreement with this sentiment. Clearly, if Mr. Gramm had known this statement would embarrass you, he wouldn't have said it. Do you think it would be unfair, given this context, to argue that you have distanced yourself from the public declaration of this comment, but not of the sentiment itself?

Those are my questions -- what questions do you have?