09/30/2013 10:07 am ET Updated Nov 30, 2013

Obama Must Ignore the Choir and Preach to the Non-believers

As I've grown older and more mature I no longer blame my parents for all of my problems.

With our country in continual economic turmoil and facing a possible government shutdown, I won't place all of the blame on Barack Obama but I will certainly expect and demand much more from the leader of the free world than I did from my mother and father.

Obama has described critics of his health care bill as billionaires who want to deny help to the sick, yet poll numbers show rapidly waning support for both Obamacare and the president in general. People are reluctant to buy something they don't understand and that is the fundamental problem with Obamacare. How can people be convinced it's going to work effectively if the president can't explain how it will function?

Instead of making a concerted effort to explain the product, recently Obama was in Largo, MD speaking to a group of true believers as if he were still on the campaign trail. Clearly, this tactic has worn thin with the American public. Inciting people who agree with him is never going to further his agenda, yet president Obama seems oblivious to this fact because what he did as a community organizer may well be all he is capable of or enjoys doing. House Republicans must negotiate and compromise as well, but preaching to the choir and name calling by the president continues to fuel the impasse.

Cooperation and compromise are integral to the political process, but if the president of the United States refuses to accept this, then how is he going to galvanize the public, work with Republicans and ultimately lead our nation?

We cannot achieve anything when two parties speak only to themselves. The president must lead the negotiations that are currently at a deadlock. Obama once promised us hope and change, but his myopic view of American politics keeps us mired in a continual stalemate that plays endlessly like a looped tape.