10/30/2016 04:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Eddie: Hallandale, Florida, October 27, 2016


Eddie works at the local medical supply store where I recently got my new mobility scooter. From moment one he's been friendly, helpful, kick-back and totally professional. When I pull up in front of the store in my wheelchair van, he always comes right out to see if he can save me getting out of the van. There's a problem with the scooter batteries holding a full charge, so today he's installing new batteries to see if this fixes the problem. We have a chance to talk while he's working on it. He's from New York, his Mom is Jewish and his dad Puerto Rican. He survived a stroke a few years back. He's also a professional photographer. "I was in the Everglades recently for a shoot." he tells me. "I love photography gives me balance and perspective in life. I used to drive for Publix (supermarket), now I work here and do photography. I'm seeing a Cuban Jewish woman, she's really great, has great values and is very family oriented." We share a love of New York. He tells me about a great bagel place in Hollywood (FL) that uses New York water to make its bagels, with great result. We exchange business cards and I can tell from his that he's a serious photographer. "Let's keep in touch," he says "and remember, if you have any more problems with your scooter, let me know - it's under warranty." He extends his hand and we shake. As I get back in my van, I can't help but think that Eddie truly is a "brother from another mother."