08/04/2010 11:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

BP's Next Disaster: Are You Going to Stop it Before it Starts?

Written by Robert Greenwald and Tanene Allison

As you read this, BP is already working to create their next disaster. What they are presently creating is even more dangerous and devastating than what they did in the Gulf, and even less regulated.

Join us in telling Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to stop BP's dangerous and unregulated drilling in the Arctic!

Since BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster, nearly five million barrels of oil have spilled into the Gulf. Industries have been destroyed, lives have been lost and wildlife and the environment have been irrevocably harmed. We know that BP cuts safety corners, takes risks, and is unconcerned about anything other than their own profit.

We can't let them get away with another disaster!

Not happy with the bare offshore drilling regulations we have, BP created a legal loophole for the form of an island. This legal loophole means that the present moratorium on offshore drilling does not apply to BP's Arctic project.

BP's man-made "Liberty Island" sits three miles off the shore of Alaska. From this island, BP plans to drill two miles under the sea and then six to eight miles horizontally. A New York Times article recently stated that scientists believe this form of drilling to be "more prone to the types of gas kicks that triggered the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon."

Sound like something that you can't believe would pass inspection? Not if you consider a fact recently reported by Rolling Stone Magazine - It turns out that BP was allowed to write its own environmental review for the project as well as its own consultation documents relating to the Endangered Species Act.

Can you imagine an oil spill worse than the one in the Gulf? Imagine an equally large, or even larger, spill in the Arctic, where there is a lack of technology proven to work in cleaning up oil in icy water. Or, for that matter, a gusher trapped underneath the Arctic ice.

Imagine an oil spill where emergency and relief supports are thousands of miles away. Imagine a blow-out in the fall, and those emergency and relief supports having to wait through the winter, and through the spring, until the Arctic ice melts enough for crews to get to the spill the following summer. Estimates are that, during that time, oil could spread to Russian and Canada, and potential even to Norway and Greenland.

This isn't some science fiction horror movie. This is a reality that BP is creating right now, even while we still grapple with the harm they caused in the Gulf.

If you can't believe that such dangerous, irresponsible and risky action has gotten a green light from our government, you can still act before the drilling begins. Share our film with your friends and family and sign our petition to tell Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to stop BP's dangerous and unregulated drilling in the Arctic!

BP is working hard to create their next disaster. Remember how helpless we all felt watching footage of the tragedy in the Gulf? This time you have the chance to stop BP before they cause even more devastation.

Tell Ken Salazar to stop this disaster before it begins!