03/12/2012 08:38 am ET Updated May 12, 2012

Don't Be Duped by Diet Half-Truths

Hardly a day goes by without a headline trumpeting what we should or shouldn't eat. But often these snippets about diet and nutrition are only half true: They're partly supported by science, but overall they're misleading because they come with big caveats. For example, they may apply only to a limited number of people or only in limited circumstances.

In some cases these assertions are based on just a single study; in others, they're promoted by people pushing a certain food or diet. In my book Coffee Is Good for You, I take an unbiased look at the entire body of research on dozens of diet and nutrition claims to determine which are believable, which aren't, and which fall somewhere in between.

Here are seven familiar claims that made the "half true" list. (See the related videos in which I provide greater detail.)

diet half-truths

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