09/25/2010 09:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lindsay Lohan Cinderella

Just like in Cinderella, the spell cast on Lindsay Lohan by the evil judge ended at midnight. After all, she got her start in a Disney movie.

She was out of the Los Angeles County jail late Friday night on bail.

Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop would have been appalled. Judge Elden Fox, tired of the star of Freaky Friday and Mean Girls making judges look silly, had sent her straight to jail earlier Friday.

She did not pass go, did not receive $200, but went straight to the lockup. Later in the day, though, she got a get of jail card, though it wasn't free.

Lohan didn't need any guns, but plenty of lawyers and money.

Another judge, the good one, overruled Fox because California law says anyone charged with only a misdemeanor must be allowed bail.

In Lohan's case, it was set at $300,000.

To quote the Los Angeles Times, "She was whisked out of a backdoor and driven to an undisclosed location."

However, she certainly didn't ride in a chariot. And she did get to keep one thing, a SCRAM device, which monitors alcohol and drug abusers.

Lohan has been on a sort of merry-go-round, stopping sometimes in court, sometimes in jail and sometimes in rehab.

Despite Hollywood claims that her career was over, her studio is sticking with her for next role. She will be playing a different kind of princess, Linda Lovelace.