11/07/2011 10:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Shallow Dwellings

This wasn't an option for me.

Based on the standards of my cultural upbringing, this wasn't supposed to work. I wasn't supposed to be able to be completely sustained by living from love rather than procedure. I was taught that going outside the "system" and choosing creativity over protocol was suppose to result in failure. Instead, I've learned that digging deeper than the standard options is not only beneficial, but extremely necessary.

This fact isn't limited to my personal experience or realm of operation. Instead of launching into the depths of art, culture, and understanding (e.g. style, economic/social independence, etc), many have opted to dwell on the shores of tradition. Our shores may be familiar territory, but there is an entire world out there. It is vital that we live with this fact in mind. We may operate in our specific lanes, but it would be foolish to try to fit a vast world through narrow perspectives.


Subject: Megan Goins
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