02/13/2013 12:48 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2013

Hypocrisy, Water Breaks and the GOP Brand

Senator Marco Rubio's thirstiness may have dug the Republican Party into a deeper hole. The back and forth nature of Rubio's speech and then jumping to extreme rhetoric has left the GOP at a loss. At one point he praised government programs that have allowed him to attend college and take care of his mother's health care, and then he goes on to rip any government involvement in our everyday lives. He goes for an onslaught on all of President Obama's policies stated during the State of the Union and throws out falsified information about government spending and economic growth. To make matters worse he nearly tears his shoulder's rotator cuff to reach for a mini Poland Spring.

The Republican Party was done a disservice last night. Whether you are a Democrat or believe in the GOP, we all deserve a concise viewpoint on varying topics. Senator Rubio's speech was far from concise and didn't show where the Republican Party stands on issues. He was far to the right in government involvement in the economy but praised Medicare and government spending in that regard. He then went on to blame many of America's failures on the 'moral breakdown' of our citizens. It was a bashing session of President Obama when it could have been a grand opportunity to show the direction the GOP is moving in. 2012 was a bad year for the Republican Party because of several gaffes by GOP Representatives including Presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney, who faced a lopsided loss in the election. This was Senator Marco Rubio's chance to show the American people why they should believe in the GOP and those Americans who are on the fence should align with right-wing beliefs. He dropped the ball, or in this case the water bottle, on his opportunity to rebrand the GOP.

I believe the GOP has several thoughtful beliefs and principles, but they are constantly overshadowed by the public perception of the party because of its representatives. More than anything, what is needed in the GOP is rebranding and marketing. The mantra of attack Obama at all costs has gotten old to the American Public and has turned off the new generation of voters coming into the fold. Until then the Democratic Party will continue to rule in the media and in national elections because they understand how to brand themselves as the party that is all-inclusive. Senator Rubio had that chance, guess that drink of water was a little more important.