05/28/2014 06:51 am ET

Featured Fifty Poetry: dedication

Ronny Anderson is a tutor, lyricist and poet. He currently lives and works in the East end of London, England. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa 53 years ago, Ronny has called England home since 1985, and worked in the music industry for 23 years before retraining as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages. He teaches in a large Further Education college in London. Unpublished to date, he began to write lyrics at the age of 20, ironically whilst completing his compulsory national service. This soon led to writing poetry, mainly influenced by his love of the Beat generation, Dylan Thomas and the English Romantics.


old letters, (are all of them love?)

draw on me to write

to/ for/ of/ you

who has at times

thought/wrought my memory.

and even now

subconsciously scribbles in search

of the part you drove away.

i have outgrown lying

to myself

and dream of you,


beside me,