05/02/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Love Your Body?


Is it just us or are you too wondering what photo editor screwed up the photos in the new 'Love Your Body' Campaign With Three New Body By Victoria Bras'? After all, the campaign name implies lots of body types. We saw just one: skinny.

Hey, we've got nothing against skinny people, some of our best friends are skinny, but there are lots of body types to love. Tall, short, women with no breasts or really big breasts, women with no derrieres or full derrieres; women with real thighs, scrawny calves, sweet bellies-- are all lovable. We know that even proportion is most pleasing to the eye, but since most women are likely to resemble a fruit, either bigger in the center like an apple, or slightly bottom-heavy like a pear, wouldn't it be just delicious to see a pleasingly plump, just-slightly-off balance model?

In our book, Bitches on a Budget, we say "Wake up, look around--in this mulit-culti world we live in there's no longer a single icon of beauty." We commend the images that the makers of Dove use in their "campaign for real beauty."

Trust us, our cry is not for a fat new nation--but a fit new nation. Bravo to Michelle Obama and her campaign against obesity. Junk food, empty calories, and inactivity bankrupt more than our health care system; they deny us some of life's great pleasures. Delicious, well-prepared fresh food is an affordable luxury, and the sustained, all-over high of a simple brisk walk or bike ride beats the short fix of a sugar or deep fat fry high any day.

We need to stay in shape, but that doesn't mean having unrealistic expectations for what a healthy shape should be. So it's not surprising that the same company that sells sexy to 'tweens is engaging in what we would call 'crazy-making' headlines. Love Your Body, the campaign says. But what's the message to our daughters? If you don't look like one of these bodies, don't love yourself?

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