02/15/2013 06:04 pm ET Updated Apr 17, 2013

Meet Martin

Rubicon is able to provide economic empowerment, mental health and wellness, legal, and housing services to more than 3,000 people yearly. For 40 years, the services and moral support Rubicon provides has helped struggling families get back on their feet.

Martin and his family are a fine example. When the economy went downhill, Martin, who's in his 40s, lost his job in the car sales business after 16 years with the same company. He became depressed, he and his wife divorced, and he lost contact with his children. Then, his oldest son made some bad choices and got into trouble.

Martin came to Rubicon for help getting a good job: improvement of his resume, assistance with his job search, financial coaching to help him regain stability. He is employed in sales again and his children are living with him now. He is committed to his kids and is helping his son get back on track.

When Martin's younger sister fell on hard times and moved back from Los Angeles, she was unsure how to get back on her feet. Martin referred her to Rubicon. She graduated from our two week job readiness workshop last month and is receiving coaching and counseling from a Rubicon Career Coach.

For some of us, support comes from family and friends. For many people in the Bay Area, that support comes from Rubicon.