11/20/2016 10:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Supermoms, do you remember how to fly?

It seems like the universe is in such disarray with social media taking over our lives, kids not being able to survive without technology and we can't find any time to just have a conversation with our friends and partners.  Maybe it is that time of the year with the Holidays near or that change has become a constant in our lives.  Either way don't you just feel so drained?  I've spoken to many of you Supermoms out there and this feeling of spiraling every day and being exhausted is happening to all of us and we just take it as part of what life has become.  As you read this, I'm suggesting to you that maybe it doesn't have to feel this way.

We are Supermoms for many reasons, one of them being our ability to use that cape of ours and fly above the rest.  I think many of us just forgot how to do it.  My suggestion is if we want to fly again and feel in control then we need to start small - can you find 15 minutes each day just for you.  15 minutes to have a cup of tea and just be in the moment. 15 minutes to journal or maybe read a chapter of a book.  15 minutes to listen to some music you love.  I know some of you might be thinking right, even 15 minutes is impossible.  If it is then why not start with 5 minutes and see how it goes.

When you get to that point where your feet start to lift off the ground, where you can almost feel the relief as you envision your cape starting to flutter,  this point will not only help you with being in a better space but it gives all of us the strength to carry on.   To carry on when we sometimes feel like we can't even catch up.  You could be a single mom just trying to raise your kids as best as you can,  maybe you're at a point where you need to make a decision about your relationship or it could be deciding your next career move.  It is not easy having to do any of this or even focus on making a decision when we are in a spiral and can't find our balance and can't fly anymore.  So, give it a try and find a few minutes each day for you and see if it helps.  What do you have to lose?

Let us not forget the woman warriors that we were born to be.   If we can manage car pools, after-school sports, leading in the board room, glass ceilings at work, as well as the laundry basket that never empties then I know we can all find a way to learn how to fly again!