Small Moments Can Change the World

The power of no is simply profound. Sometimes the power is in not what you've said "no" to, but what you've indirectly said "yes" to.
07/31/2014 02:05 pm ET Updated Sep 30, 2014

I've been reflecting lately on the power of small things. From the importance of purchasing a beach bag with a zipper when you're at a sandy, windy beach (I'm still discovering last year's sand in my apartment) to saying "no" to a work opportunity that doesn't feel right. Without even realizing it, one small act can lead to a day or even a lifetime of happiness and peace. I always hear about it, "the devil is in the details, small things matter... yada yada yada," but when reflecting about our big ambitions and dreams in life, sometimes we can easily forget how just one small change or moment can trigger a new life and world.

So, I wanted to pause for a moment, share this quote and some small moments that surprisingly impacted and changed the world. My hope is that these examples of small acts can help us tap into our own strength to make a tiny change that could make a world of difference in our own lives and our community.

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."
-- Mother Teresa

Just say "no"

The power of no is simply profound. Sometimes the power is in not what you've said "no" to, but what you've indirectly said "yes" to. It didn't take a lot for Rosa Parks to become known as "the first lady" of the civil rights movement, just a simple answer to an unjust question. When asked to move her seat on a segregated bus, Parks politely declined, catalyzing the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Civil Rights movement. She became a supporter and an ally to Martin Luther King Jr. and played a hugely important role in the de-segregation of public services and buildings. She used a simple word to start a movement. Parks said "no" to segregation, and if it wasn't for the small moments that started the civil rights movements in the past, we may never have been able to fight the injustices in the present.

Power of the Pen

So many people worldwide from varying ethnicities, experiences and age groups write blogs every day from the heart, built on their strength of conviction unaware of how much impact they could have or even on who their audience is. Activist Malala Yousafzai, who began to speak out about education rights for women in her blog at the age of 11, is a prime example of the power of words. Her voice, one of encouragement and peace was heard, so loudly so, that it was seen as a threat to the Taliban, who attempted to kill Malala on her way to school. She didn't let that stop her; she kept speaking and continues to be one of the most important advocates for gender equality in the world.

Click it, Share it

Daily, maybe even hourly for some, we "like" things on Facebook, share a trending Youtube video and essentially help undiscovered moments and talent spread rapidly worldwide. Pop superstar Justin Bieber started out as a 13-year-old kid playing drums and singing in his living room. He released a series of Youtube videos that gained thousands of hits. When manager Scooter Braun saw Bieber's videos he contacted his mother and signed him to RBMG, releasing his first EP two years later. The rest is history. Bieber became a platinum record maker with an enormous fan base. Bieber's journey isn't unique. Many recording artists have become successful through social media but more importantly; it was someone deciding to put their faith, energy and support in someone else's passion that brought many popular artists where they are today.

Mother Theresa's wise words apply so well to our fast-paced world. With information traveling at the speed of light, we've been able to show support for each other easily. Your one "like" or sharing of a blog, link or video could affect and inspire so many, so quickly. The next time you think that you're only one person or your dream is too big, consider how just one small step can make an enormous difference in the world, even in the course of history!

So, what do you say "no" to in your life, what do you say "yes" to? What can you write about or share or get behind that is your heart's passion? What small act can you do today on your journey to success? Keep the faith, your answers to these questions and follow through can change your world.