03/21/2007 08:29 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Al Gore: Now's The Time To Jump In The Race

In Congressional testimony earlier this week, Al Gore referenced the ongoing impact of global warming as a "planetary emergency."

Oil-soaked Congresspeople like "Rep." Joe Barton, (R-Texas) don't think so. And the fright-wing talk show hosts, who still think we need to attack Iran (nukes), Syria (Saddam's missing WMD) and stick around in Iraq (or else the terrorists will follow us home) either don't see the threat that Al does, or attribute it mostly to natural causes.

Car bombs and old shell casings passed off as "WMD" evidence are barely local emergencies. But Al, you did point out a true planetary one.

Of course there are others who would make light of your arguments- not for scientific or even business reasons but for theological ones.

I mean, many if not most end-timers, who really and truly believe that you-know-who will drop by for a really, really determinative folllow-up visit before the ice cap melts.

Oops, there goes the South. But I guess they are used to warm climates anyway.

But I am sticking with Al. If polar bears could talk, they would confirm the code red you sounded today. Last year's glacier is this year's life raft.

Al, you have to run for President. After today's testimony of yours, I believe you have shed your "what are the focus group reports saying" inner consultant of 2000 and are now letting it rip. Just don't let consultant hacks like Bob Shrum within about four parsecs of you, and try to change the Academy Award-winning, environmentally passionate Al Gore.

Al, you are more suited to the mood of the electorate when you let it rip.. Far better suited than an opportunist not willing to stand up to her cheatin' husband or a media star who smokes cigarettes made by the same evil companies that have hooked most of the Third World the same media star has lived in, and is calling for greater tolerance of.

Al Gore, this is your time. Go for it.