Smiles and Slurs

Disturbingly, most of my gay friends seem fine with Clinton's campaign using racism to win votes. What will they think now that she's stood next to North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley (D) while he used a gay slur, basically implying Obama was a "pansy"?

Now, I know from spending many recesses in middle school being called a pansy that it's just a subtle way of saying "faggot." Clinton stood by while Easley made that comment, smiling away. Speaking to a prominent gay journalist friend of mine this morning, he expressed his frustration with her campaign. "Hillary doesn't care about the gays. It's that simple. We're a political tool, like everything else in that family's orbit."

Clinton owes the gay community, which she has shamefully used as an ATM during her campaign, an apology for gay-baiting. We're waiting, Hillary.