03/13/2013 06:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Homes Wine Lovers Can Buy Now


Wine... Vino... Wein... Ghvino... Fermented grape juice. However you say it, coming home to a glass of it is one of life's greater pleasures. For most people, that means a cheap glass of Chardonnay fresh from the Bota Box, but there are homes for sale out there that promise a far more enjoyable wine experience. Here's a collection of 13 properties pulled from Estately's real estate listings that honor one of mankind's greatest inventions.

1. St. Helena, CA -- $25,000,000. View the entire property here.

A celebrity's former wine cellar filled with a collection of your favorite wines is cool, but it gets trumped by this property with a 16,000-square-foot wine cave that stores 59,000 gallons of wine.

2. Oakville, CA -- $3,495,000. View the entire property here.

Drinking wine inside as the rain comes down outside is fine -- but some people called Californians sip their wine amid old-growth oak trees as grape leaves rustle in the breeze. No one's saying that life is fair.

3. Big Sur Coast, CA -- $10,800,000. View the entire property here.

Stressed from working so much? Well, hopefully during those many hours you've also amassed $10.8 million in earnings. If so, you can afford this hot tub in Big Sur, which will provide a serene setting to open a bottle of something that's also probably very expensive -- but worth it.

4. Santa Monica, CA -- $6,850,000. View the entire property here.

If that last one was a little too outdoorsy or rustic, perhaps this modern wine cellar done in a concrete beehive-style will be to your liking. You could also swirl your Pinot Grigio while strolling along the property's floating bridge that crosses the Koi pond, because that is also super relaxing.

5. Oakville, CA -- $5,950,000. View the entire property here.

It's kind of a hobbit-home for a wine enthusiast of far larger stature -- this vineyard cranks out great wine with a 95-97 point Parker rating.



6. Portland, OR -- $5,995,000. View the entire property here.

Not intimidated by the dilemma of red or white? This wine room offers space for hundreds of wines to choose from. (Don't go filling it with boxes of White Zin, though.)

7. St. Helena, CA -- $18,800,000. View the entire property here.

If you can't swim in a straight line you probably shouldn't be driving to town to pick up a bottle of wine. No problem, though. This house comes with a seven-acre vineyard and large wine cellar so you're self sufficient. Also, this pool's lines zigzag, too.

8. Los Angeles, CA -- $13,950,000. View Sheryl Crow's house for sale here.

If your friends all went out and hired contractors to install wine cellars in their homes, would you do it? Of course not. It would be so much easier to go out and buy rocker Sheryl Crow's house because it comes with a wine cellar. Also, that's a cool story to tell guests. Also, you need to have $14 million.

9. Palo Alto, CA -- $3,999,950. View the entire property here.

A glass of wine in the bath is always tempting, particularly when the wall art is commands you to imbibe.


10. Malibu, CA -- $43,500,000. View the entire property here.

Hosting wine tastings for dozens of people can be a real challenge if you don't have a table that seats 30-plus. It comes at a price, though. However, you get three swimming pools and a 25-acre vineyard, too.

11. Los Gatos, CA--$11,888,000. View the entire property here.

Batman has the Batcave, a top-secret lair where he keeps his Batmobile and the rest of his gadgets. For an aspiring WineMan or WineWoman, the wine cave is a secure place to keep all of one's most prized wines safe from temperature changes.

12. Somewhere in Los Angeles, CA.
A day at the office is no problem when your office is at home and there's a giant wine fridge behind your desk. There's also some potential downsides to that convenience, but we'll overlook that in an effort to stay positive.


13. Calistoga, CA -- $8,900,000. View the entire property here.

After a hard day toiling in the vineyard, it's nice to relax on the patio and drink the fruits of your labor.