11/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Battle For The West: Obama Winning Numbers Game

Sen. Barack Obama and 100,000 of his closest friends in Denver on Sunday (Reuters)


"well over 100,000": record-breaking number of supporters who came out to hear Barack Obama speak at the foot of the capitol in Denver on Sunday

2.5 miles: length of the line to get into an Obama rally in Fort Collins minutes before it was scheduled to begin Sunday afternoon; 45,000 were estimated to have made it in

60,305: registered Democrats in Larimer County, which includes Fort Collins; the county has 74,466 registered Republicans and 74,645 unaffiliated voters

4,000: size of the "raucous" crowd John McCain drew in Denver on Friday; 6,000-8,000 turned out to greet the Republican candidate in Durango later that day

Sen. John McCain's more intimate rally in Denver on Friday (AP)

1,051,643 -- 1,063,347 -- 1,069,294: the number of registered Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters, respectively, statewide

698,000: the number of Coloradans who voted at early-polling locations or by mail as of Sunday, representing 22 percent of the state's 3.2 million registered voters

9: electoral votes represented by the Centennial State

Sen. Barack Obama takes the stage in Las Vegas on Saturday (Getty Images)


11,000 and 18,000: supporters who turned out to hear Barack Obama in Reno and Las Vegas, respectively, on Saturday

186,849: people who have already cast ballots in Clark County early voting as of Saturday; 103,719 were registered Democrats compared to 52,850 registered Republicans

4.2 points: Obama's lead among Nevada voters, according to the latest state poll results released today by Zogby International; 44.0 percent of respondents support John McCain, 48.2 percent support Obama, and 7.8 percent were undecided

7 points: McCain's edge in a poll conducted in August, his largest-ever advantage in the state in a single poll; most polls had the Republican ahead from mid-August through late September

79: days since McCain's last trip to Nevada; Gov. Sarah Palin made stops in Reno and Henderson last week

5: electoral votes represented by the Silver State

Sen. John McCain shakes hands in Albuquerque on Saturday (Getty Images)

New Mexico

fewer than 1,500 and more than 45,000: respective sizes of McCain's and Obama's Saturday rallies in Albuquerque

4 points: estimated lead McCain would have if Latino voters were excluded, according to figures compiled by the William C. Velasquez Institute; including Latinos, who make up one-third of New Mexico voters, Obama has an 8 point advantage in the state

5,988 votes: the margin by which George W. Bush won the state over John Kerry in 2004, clinching his reelection; Al Gore carried the state in 2000 by 366 votes

593,761 -- 375,420 -- 182,716: number of registered Democrats, Republicans, and voters who decline to state their affiliation as of October 23

5: electoral votes up for grabs in the Land of Enchantment