12/26/2012 08:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Store Your Holiday Decorations Quickly And Efficiently

The holiday season is finally over and it's time to take down those decorations! It's easy to get flustered by organizing and packing up your seasonal decor. With the right tips and tools at hand, your decorations will be neatly stored away in no time.

Ornaments: Organizing ornaments can get overwhelming. The key is to sort them. There are a few ways do this. You can categorize them by color, shape, or sentimental value. Target's clear plastic stacking ornament boxes make your organizing task easy. Each ornament has its own little nook. You can dedicate one box for round bulbs and another for your keepsake bulbs. When the Christmas arrives again, you'll know exactly what you have without playing the guessing game!

Garland and wreaths: Storing or packing wreaths can be tricky. They often lose their shape or get smashed under the garage or attic storage. Put your wreaths in a special donut shaped box. Made of hard plastic, your wreath will stay dust and damage free! What about the garland? Use the same box to neatly store away your garland. Simply wrap or reel it in a circular motion and pack away!

storing holiday decorations
Photo courtesy of Target

Holiday lights: Untangling holiday lights can get tiresome. It's important to make sure they are carefully wrapped. Cut out a rectangular cardboard piece (a shoe box lid will also work). Wrap the string lights around the cardboard piece and neatly put away in a box. Light reels are another great option. Wound the lights around the reel and never worry about untangling again.

Figurines or similar trinkets: Mini storage containers or boxes are perfect for keeping your figurines safe throughout the year. It's important to keep them wrapped for extra protection and cushion. I like to use bubble wrap or tissue. Try to avoid newspaper as the ink can sometimes rub off on your piece. Save the tissue you receive with your gifts and reuse it to wrap your holiday collectibles! A money saving tip so you don't have to spend on extra tissue!

Gift wrap and supplies: Little tricks help keep your wrapping paper and supplies neat and tidy. Cut a slit in an empty toilet paper roll and slip it over your gift wrap roll to avoid paper from unrolling. Tape can damage the paper and cause you to cut and waste pieces. Items like ribbon and bows can be kept away in an organizer. A specialty holiday wrap box is great for packing away gift supplies. The many compartments will keep everything organized in one place. Its shape is great for storing in a closet or under the bed for easy access.

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