02/01/2013 03:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Psyching Up for Alexander Wang's Debut at Balenciaga

Much to my happiness and surprise, Alexander Wang emailed me (me and everyone else on his website email subscription list) a new video he has created leading up to Fashion Week featuring the fashion cult favorite, Bon Qui Qui from Mad TV. Now I have heard about 200 drunken impersonations of Bon Qui Qui over the years, but seeing the real BQQ staged as a worker in Wang's Soho store was freaking genius. Not only does she piss off Brazilian Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio, she also offends Simon Doonan, creative director at Barneys New York, by calling him a "toddler in a wallpaper shirt" and imposes her own music talent on A$AP Rocky. Freaking genius.

This video epitomizes why Alexander Wang is SO freaking cool. And why I am overly excited for his debut in Paris at Balenciaga this upcoming month. Nicolas Ghesquière, who used to hold the Balenciaga helm position, is also breathtakingly cool, but in a different way. Alexander Wang had Courtney Love perform in a gas station kegger at one of his after-parties. He is overwhelmingly right on the pulse of awesome new vibes and the best people and references from the past. While Nicolas Ghesquière was always painstakingly chic and on the mark with his collections, Alexander Wang has a sense of humor and irony that only a crazy American can create.

Another reason I am overly excited about Alexander Wang at Balenciaga is that his clothes are incredibly wearable. Wang's first couple of collections for his self-titled line were the best in basics; tees, denim, dresses, jackets and sweatshirts. What a girl really wears, day in and day out. Balenciaga hasn't seen that kind of accessiblity in years. Also, Wang's own collection is very well-priced. And his T by Alexander Wang line is, in my book, down right affordable. I hope to the lords of fashion that the powers that be at Balenciaga take a note from Wang's own success at a lower price point. It would be incredible if Balenciaga did a few items each seson at an affordable price point.

Go Alex! I will be cheering you on from NYC! Super stoked to see what this incredible young fashion talent brings to the table for his Paris debut!

Watch my Fashion Rant on Look TV for more background on Balenciaga, Nicolas Ghesquière and Alexander Wang: