08/20/2008 08:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Little Joe Goes a Long Way

One of the many jokes about President Bush is he is the only man who couldn't find oil in Texas. Equally amazing is that Joe Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, couldn't deliver South Florida for the Democrats. Yes, he had help from Cruella De Ville and Colonel Klink, (you may know them as Katherine Harris and James Baker) but watching him campaign around the Sunshine State, I felt like it was telecast of "Who Wants to be a Wimp?". Ten minutes after his Vice-Presidential debate with Dick Cheney, I thought they were going to pick out furniture, not debate on behalf of their ticket.
My distaste for Lieberman actually goes back to Bill Clinton's Lewinsky drama. Joe took to the floor of the senate to chastise Clinton for his adulterous behavior. He said he was performing this rebuke as a friend. Pottery Barn doesn't have that big a crock. Is that how a friend conducts himself? A friend takes you aside and tells you to cool it, he doesn't publicly lacerate you for the opportunity to seize a little camera time for the sake of propelling yourself into national prominence.

Then came the war. One Democrat above all others defended this conflict concocted by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and your friends at Halliburton, and that man was Joe Lieberman. Logic be damned, he was for the war when others shuddered at the thought of this armed ego trip. He was the nabob of neocons. He regrettably became another Jewish American who thought that Middle East unrest benefits Israel, and that all terrorists look alike. You know what helps Israel? Peace. Israel is better off aligning with the West Bank, not fighting the extremists who want them erased.
The Democrats in Connecticut dumped Joe because of his support of Bush's fiasco. Did he accept the rejection by his party? No, he ran as an independent, knowing the GOP would back him and vote for him and they did and he won.

Now he has swan dived off the deep end. He is supporting John McCain for the White House, and the Democrats can't punish Joe because of their razor thin majority, and Joe deigns to caucus with them. His rationale is that except for the war, he is a true Democrat.

Right, and except for emphysema and cancer, there is no reason not to go on smoking.
If I were Harry Reid, and the Democrats gained enough seats to be veto proof, Joe Lieberman would be stripped of all chairmanships and assigned to the subcommittee to study camel dung. How's that for a Middle East assignment?