05/21/2013 05:53 pm ET Updated Jul 20, 2013

Betrayed by Their True Nature

You would think that the GOP would be ready to capitalize on the mishaps of the Obama administration. If they had one ounce of organization and unity, they could hurt Obama's credibility, even though in the broader scope, these are not scandals. Why? Obama did not initiate the IRS brouhaha, and when he learned of it, he canned the guy in charge and demonstrated justifiable outrage, even though Karl Rove asking for a tax break as an outfit dedicated to social welfare is hilarious.

Regarding Benghazi, even the soulless Paul Ryan is backing off of asking for people's heads on a pike.

Maybe he realized if people didn't demand Bush and Cheney be imprisoned for ignoring the warning signs of 9/11, then Benghazi was not a place to lead a charge against this president.
Even so, people who don't care for the Obama brand of leadership will believe anything and could be marshaled into voting that way. Yet the GOP always finds away to grab the brass ring and then let it slip from their grasp.

Examples: No one in among the Republican leadership can find the nerve to tell Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Louis Gohmert, or any of the other reckless Red Staters to please, please, please shut up. Gohmert wins the goofy award for showing outrage by saying, "How dare you cast aspersions on my asparagus." Good for Gohmert, no one wants their veggies slandered.

Example II: People are getting behind Hillary Clinton for the '16 race. If the GOP keeps whacking away at her, the Democrats will thank them for keeping women safely away from Republican candidates.

Example III: The heroes of the people in the House, the Republican Party, are fixing to drastically to cut food stamp benefits. Not just for the eternally poor, but the unemployed, servicemen and born-again women, a lot of people who would normally vote their way. The great quote from a GOPer is quoting the Bible in saying that if you want food, you should work for it. Just what Jesus said: get off your butts, poor people. Nice talk coming from a group that gets free medical care.

Maybe they can't help being mean, but they could try to stop being stupid.