03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011


Radio host Mike Gallagher called the capture and arrest of the Nigerian who had TNT on his taint a catastrophe. So did every other conservative pundit nitwit who follows their party line so closely. I'm surprised they don't wander into traffic as the keep an eye on that line.

Now, of course it isn't a catastrophe. A catastrophe would have occurred had the balls bomb gone off. This was a near disaster. Attention should be paid. More scrutiny and detail should be adhered to. However, as President Obama said, nothing is foolproof. No matter how hard we try, a maniac can get lucky and kill people. The fools who knock Obama know this, of course, but to say it would mean banishment from Yahooland, so they keep preaching to a choir that is consistently off key.

Let me tell you what a catastrophe is:
A catastrophe is when George W. Numbnuts ignores a briefing that warns him of a fanatic's plan to bomb the United States. Maybe it's because he wanted a war in Iraq before he was sworn in. Maybe it was hubris. He can't argue this until you explain to him what hubris is.

A catastrophe is when black Americans beg to be rescued from a flood and no one does jack shit about it.

A catastrophe is when tens of thousands of Americans die from lack of proper health care, and porcine profiteer Rush Limbaugh can still brag about the quality of medical service in this country. Sure, if you make thirty-three million a year, you can fly doctors into Casa de Oxycontin for round the clock maintenance on what is presumed to be your heart.

You can hear more of the far right's complaints about President Obama at the upcoming Tea Party Convention. When you do, use one hand to count the number of black people in attendance. Unless Michael Steele brings his extended family, one hand is all you'll need. One hand is very appropriate, because these people have been jerking you off for years.