07/26/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

I Got Mine

Just when you think George Bush couldn't be more irresponsible,more reckless, or more disengaged,he comes through and keeps his string of remarkably dense musings intact, giving hope that his presidential library will be maintained by comedy writers.

When asked if he would urge Americans to conserve energy so that the gouging they are undergoing wouldn't leave so big a scar, he essentially said "nah".

Bush doesn't think Americans need to be told to conserve. He thinks they are pretty smart and will know what to do. Now THAT'S leadership. Yes,when decisive and intelligent moves need to be made, Bush gets out of the way for us to make them. What better way to end the worst eight years the country has seen in decades than to cede all control to whomever wants to take the reins? Maybe Rove IS Bush's brain. Maybe the time apart from soulless Karl has eroded the fluid that is supposed to be filling the cranial area in a space that obviously has enough room to take in boarders.

Imagine we are in the middle of WWII. If Bush were president, we wouldn't be in Europe and Japan, we would be in Central Africa, looking for diamonds, and Antarctica, looking for oil. No there isn't any, but being wrong hasn't stopped Bush from being The Decider before.

There would be no rationing stamps, as long as you had the money, you could consume material goods intended for our fighting forces. There would be no neighborhood watch guard, that would require volunteering. The draft was going strong, and even sons of congressman and senators went to war, so Bush would have to break a leg in order to duck out into a decade of self abuse and self medication.

I wish Bush had waited a few months to discourage conservation, so that he could explain why. It's that he believes that whatever happens is God's will. It is the ideal refuge for the irresponsible and lazy. Blame it on the Lord like Ollie North blamed Reagan and Casey. Yes indeed, "no conservation" is the cherry on this rancid sundae Bush has been scooping out to us. Thank you, sir, may I NOT have another?