09/22/2014 11:07 am ET Updated Nov 21, 2014

Ignorance with a Charming Smile

A few months ago I wrote a post critical of former NFL coach Tony Dungy's campaign to eliminate marriage equality and to prevent gay couples from adopting children. He went/goes from right-wing enclave to right-wing enclave exhorting Americans to prevent a loving family unity from existing.

Now Dungy has gone on record to defend the severe and damaging physical abuse wreaked upon children as young as one year old. Dungy said essentially that everyone makes a mistake.


Did Adrian Peterson mistakenly call his place of punishment "The Whipping Room"?
Did he mistakenly stuff leaves into his child's mouth?
Did Ray Rice mistakenly tell the casino security guard that his fiancee was unconscious due to alcohol, and not in fact his fist?

Dungy seems to think that this behavior has no negative impact on a child. Dungy is a football coach, not a mental health professional. The fact that abuse in African American families endures is not proof it should.