07/21/2010 04:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mama Mia

Having a child without being married is no big deal to me. A lot of people have kids without walking down the aisle. Some decide to marry later, some not at all. If it was my daughter, I would attend the wedding and wish the parents of my grandchild the best. I may not even like the guy she is going to marry, but if he is a decent sort, you have to lump it and hope it works out. This brings me to Sarah Palin.

Mrs. Palin had no hesitation in parading her daughter Bristol and her lover Levi Johnston on the stage of the 2008 GOP Convention like an audition for a reality show (Ironic, huh?). Young Levi is/was an oil wildcatter who enjoyed beer, snowmobiling, and hunting, so you can only imagine how thrilled he was to be all trussed up in a suit while Sarah soaked in the adulation like a four eyed sponge.

Now, for reasons I am unaware of, Levi and Bristol split up. I would think that it may have been in part because of Sarah's iron rule and meddling, but that is only an assumption. Then Levi disclosed that Sarah is a phony, a mean spirited crone, and a fame hungry extremist. Obviously, this would not endear him to her, but her daughter loves him, so I say suck it up and attend your daughter's nuptials.

The most disturbing part of all this is how her admirers ignore her faults and blithely roll with her. When I cite this, my conservative friends bring up Bill Clinton. Yes, Clinton misbehaved, but I didn't ignore it, I chalked it up to misguided human behavior. What I DO know is that he NEVER used his daughter for political gain, and Chelsea is getting married without having had unprotected sex at the age of sixteen resulting in a pregnancy. Even if she had, Bill and Hillary would proudly walk her down the aisle, not refuse to attend because of a slight by their son-in-law to be.

Sarah, you can't keep bragging about your momhood and also bail out of your daughter's wedding. C'mon Sarah, do the right thing and "refudiate" your ill will towards Levi.