11/19/2010 12:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Oh, Roger, What Ailes You?

The other day Roger Ailes, the big man at Fox News, took off on NPR and Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show. He said that the folks who run NPR were leftist nazis, and criticized Stewart for hating conservatives.

Okay, let's start with the 'nazi' smear. Calling someone a leftist nazi is like calling someone a thin fat person. Nazis are fascist, fascism is right of center, so the smear is vicious AND incorrect.

Not only that, but we have to stop calling people nazis. Nazis were European thugs who killed and tortured millions of people, not people with whom we politically differ. It's like calling someone Hitler. As Jon Stewart once said, "Hitler was Hitler", and no one else is or was. It's as ridiculous as Clarence Thomas calling tough interrogation a lynching. Unless a rope is around your neck with the flames of a burning cross in the vicinity, it's not a lynching, no more than being asked what books you read is a trick question.

As Jon Stewart has said countless times, The Daily Show is on Comedy Central, it follows an animated comedy sitcom. If Ailes and others who get lanced by Stewart are ticked off, maybe they should look at the void left by shows on Fox News that try to make us think that Dick Morris and Laura Ingraham should be taken seriously.

By the way, Ailes did apologize for the 'nazi' remarks. Was it because he was really sorry, or was it because of the public's reaction? I don't know. I do know that when Ailes says that Stewart hates conservatives, he should take a head count of how many right wingers Stewart interviews as opposed to the number of liberals working at "Fair and Balanced" Fox News.

I remember that Rupert Murdoch, the major domo of all things Fox, said a while ago that he would hire a funny liberal if he could find one. That's like saying I would eat at Hooters if only the waitresses wore tighter tee shirts. You want a funny liberal Rupe, I'm right here. Truthfully, the odds of Fox News hiring a funny liberal who would lance conservatives are the same odds that I will pay for lessons at the Bristol Palin Dance Academy.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone...