10/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Screw-Ups Big and Small

If you knew nothing else about Senator McCain or Governor Palin, what would their behavior in these past two weeks tell you?

1.As the nation's economy crumbles, McCain says the economy is sound.

2. When he hears snickering arising from that remark, he changes up and says he meant the American worker is sound, and how dare you demean the American worker?

3. Governor Palin tries to bluff her way out of answering the question "What is the Bush Doctrine?" then gives a completely inaccurate answer.

4. Governor Palin is asked where she can specifically cite John McCain's record proving her assertion that he has been a regulator. She replies that she'll "get them and get back to ya," like she is searching for a meatloaf recipe.

5. McCain wants to delay the debate to go to Washington and settle this financial mess. Senator Obama wonders why McCain can't debate, and then fly back to D.C. and work on this issue. D.C. -- where McCain has not voted since April.

6. Newly sworn-in citizen and late night host Craig Ferguson bashes McCain for wanting to stop the debate, comparing the move to an act akin to Castro.

7. McCain arrives in D.C. for what appears to be a blatant photo-op at the White House, and his presence motivates the negotiators to grow even further apart than they were when McCain arrived.

8. No one in the McCain camp denies the rumor that the delay in the debate is due to the fact that they hope to cancel Governor Palin's shot at a vice-presidential debate.

9. McCain cancels a Letterman appearance, citing the urgency of going to DC, instead appears on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric on the same network on the same day.

10. McCain decides to debate issues with Obama after playing a futile game of footsie,and by the time you read this, pundits will have gone over this like an M.E. examines a stiff on Law & Order.

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