01/23/2015 01:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Venni Caprice Clothing Showcased at BOND Timeless Tuesday

Lori Kyler Christensen was the fashion designer spotlighted at the most recent BOND Timeless Tuesday, which is a weekly fashion event at the BOND restaurant and lounge in Boston. Owner of the Venni Caprice clothing brand, Lori hand makes everything in her collection. After seeing her designs on the runway, it's almost hard to believe that so many beautiful and intricate designs could be made by just one woman.

Photo Credits to Masha Stepanova

When asked about her BOND Timeless Tuesday collection, Lori replied:

"I am just now turning my company over to streamlined, strictly couture wear. So tonight was pretty much just an introduction to what you can expect from now on from Venni Caprice. It's mainly going to be a red carpet worthy, flashy, classy, sexy, and feminine look."

Photo Credits to Masha Stepanova

The dresses spoke for themselves last night by simply embodying a stunning and elegant look. Even with minimal fashion knowledge, it would be easy for anyone to see just how refined and unique the Venni Caprice designs are.

Photo Credits to Masha Stepanova

I also asked Lori about her inspiration for the BOND Timeless Tuesday collection, to which she responded:

"The inspiration for these dresses is pretty much just glamour. It's a bit of old school Hollywood glamour meeting new school Hollywood glamour."

Photo Credits to Masha Stepanova

You can learn more about Lori Kyler Christensen and her designs at