01/15/2016 04:22 pm ET Updated Jan 15, 2017

30 Days of Love?


As I glanced at my calendar this morning I realized Valentine's Day is exactly 30 days away. I hate to admit it, but I haven't really celebrated Valentine's Day (cupid style) in a very long time! Last year I celebrated the love day with my girlfriends, complete with lots of food, my first taste of a mimosa, chocolates, wine glass decorating, and an abundance of laughter.

To be honest last year was one of the best Valentine's Days I have celebrated in a long time. This year, I had plans to go see Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, but due to a minor glitch (my car broke down and now I have to buy another one), that may not be the case. But hey, that's okay, I still believe in miracles and seeing them up close and personal just might still happen.

So back to the whole one away deal. I wondered how I could make a difference in the lives of people I know and random people, who need a little dose of love for the next 30 days. I define love in many ways:

1. Giving of my time via a listening ear, watching a nonsensical cartoon with my kids

2. Buying a coworker lunch because of all their hard work

3. Cleaning out your girlfriend's closet because you know she hates organizing

4. A warm hug or smile

5. Writing a handwritten note to a friend that you text all the time, but want a deeper connection to show you care

The list could go on and on, but the point is simply to give of myself and from my heart. Why? Well, from what I see and read, we just don't have enough love in our world today. When I think about babies and the endless supply of cuddling, kisses, cooing and touching, they naturally grow, all because of love.

What if we applied those same actions to the people around us every day like our children, our spouses, our parents, maybe not so much with the people in our workplace or random people on the streets, but simply sharing a part of what makes us smile and feel loved, with the world around us.

I haven't decided how I will show love each day for the next 30 days, but I have committed myself to giving from the overflow within my heart because I know someone out there needs it. So here's to 30 days of love. Stay tuned for my daily posts on what each day of love looks like. I think every day will be full of many surprises!

P.S. For all the people who have plans to celebrate Valentine's Day with a significant other, give those of us who are still waiting (with patience) some inspiration and aww moments by sharing what your plans are to shower love on your beloved on Valentine's Day. Are you planning a 30-day love feast? Maybe a 3-day excursion? Whether it's a week-long celebration or one day event, we'd love to hear what you've cooked up.

Food for Thought:

"The ultimate lesson for all of us to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others, but ourselves as well."
-Elisabeth Kubler-Ross