06/28/2010 04:05 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Entourage Recap: "I'm Ready To Go Again." Are You Sure?

We ended last season of Entourage with a little growth from each character, each finally getting something we've watched them wait for over the past few seasons. Not Vince, Vince is just off to Italy, boring as ever, but for everyone else: Drama gets the promise of a starring role, Ari gets validation from Terrance, Lloyd becomes a real agent, E gets Sloan (and engaged!), and Turtle rejects a hot girl (getting the confidence he needs to get on a plane, even though it didn't work out).

Or so we thought...

Last night's season premiere was embarassing -- it was basically a downward spiral of a ridiculous plot. The glimmer of hope they left us last season has long vanished, with the crew already wrapped up in what seem like stupider-than-usual conflicts.

A few things happened last night:

Turtle has taken his role of the driver and turned it into a hot girl car service? Unclear... but his problem is dealing with the stupid girls who keep getting lost. Though he was cute when he went in for a kiss and got rejected.

Drama can't find a role... what else is new? He says he needs at team to find him the right show. "Look at Keifer" -- haha, that's funny because it's actually comparable.

He's upset because they took someone else for "The Fall Guy," which is...ironic.

E's engagement with Sloan seems to be moving forward smoothly, but maybe a little too smoothly. Their little lunch just felt a little annoying and when she says, "Thanks for taking time out of your busy day for me" and he smiles, "Every chance I get." That may have been sincere but I thought it felt forced, or at least off.

Vince's major problem is that he agreed to being set on fire....and the reason he refuses to back out is that he's afraid of looking bad...

And then...he does look bad. The look Vince gives in that last scene after he dramatically crawls out of the car (worth noting the camera guy just pops out of the car) was disturbing. Ari goes, "I saw my life flash before my eyes." Vince responds weakly, "I didn't, I just saw Ma, she was really pissed" Sorry -- WHAT? He looks like he just saw a ghost...or is just confused.

And probably most importantly... IS LLOYD'S HAIR GRAY?

The episode ends with Vince saying, "I'm ready to go again, seriously." Well Vince, not sure you are... but lets see how it goes.

Hopefully next week will be better... or at least give us some Ari one-liners worth writing down.