02/18/2008 07:00 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Just One More Dead Faggot

I have no words for how I feel today. Not only was a 15-year-old boy shot in the back of the head by someone who hated him because he was gay, because he was not masculine, because he wore jewelry and makeup, but also a 10-year-old boy hung himself in England.

He wanted to be a girl. He wanted to wear his sister's clothes and makeup. His mother let him wear girl's underwear but told him he'd have to wait till he was older to wear makeup.

Of course, by then it could get him killed.

The message of hate is getting through to our kids, loud and clear. It's okay to kill someone who freaks you out because they don't fit a gender role to your liking.

That is, if they haven't killed themselves.

Ten years old and full of so much shame he hung himself. Is anyone listening?

In my LGBT community, we argue about who is more pro LGBT rights, Obama or Clinton.

It's been days since Lawrence King was shot dead. Neither candidate has issued a statement or said a word. The national media has done a complete pass on the story.

Both candidates make me sick.

Blogger Mike Rogers, wrote earlier, the "reality is such that if either of them said the same things about woman, Blacks or Jews, they would never be elected president. Imagine Hillary not promising to immediately lift a ban on women serving in the armed forces. Imagine Barack saying we'll have a separate (but equal) institution of civil unions for Blacks."

While the gay community has been blazing for days about this incident, the rest of the country dozes on, reading about Michelle Obama's wardrobe choices on the campaign trail, or Roger Clemens lying his ass off on Capitol Hill.

Because this is the one kind of hate no one seems to be willing to stand up against. Let's not offend anyone who believes Jesus was anti-homosexual. Careful not to send a message of tolerance to young children in case they find some condolence in that message and face another day.

Don't worry. I get the message, loud and clear.

Just one more dead faggot.