01/22/2008 09:46 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Sixty-Four-Thousand Dollar Question

I have a few questions to ask, other than where the heck was John Edwards and what kind of deal has he struck with the Clinton campaign?

Why is it Obama can diss Bill Clinton? Can you imagine what would happen if Senator Clinton said a peep about Michelle Obama?

Doesn't matter though because the best line of the night was Clinton's "I've been taking it for 16 years..." She has. She's been investigated, maligned, scoffed at, humiliated... the list goes on and on.

And she's still standing. In fact, she's about to become the Democratic nominee.

I love the term "green collar jobs" but how many, realistically, can there be in a country where lobby money has kept green technology out of cars, out of houses, and out of industry for years and years? When are we going to address the oil industry's influence in Washington, DC?

We need a tax break, and we need it now. We are in a recession. Enough with the bullshit about inflation rates that don't include gas and food prices. How long can anyone live without heating oil? Or food? Give the middle class gets 600 dollars? They will spend it. It will go back into the economy. Give it to corporations or the wealthy? It does no good. Can we have a tax break that actually makes sense for once?

Why isn't anyone talking about George Bush's plan to make the tax breaks -- that only help the wealthy and the corporations -- permanent? Maybe Edwards can talk about that since he's clearly done running.

Who is keeping an eye on what those damn Republicans are up to?

And why did Obama play the political card -- Ronald The Saint Reagan -- and not expect to be hammered for it?

Slum Lords or Marian Wright Edelman? To all prospective political wannabes graduating from law school? That corporate gig might look tempting now but when you can say you went to the Children's Defense Fund instead of defending the rights of scum living off the poor? It might not buy Armani but it will go a long way at the polls.

How many people are sick of the pandering to the audience? It's like a cheap wedding singer trick. I am so glad to be here in (enter name). Thank you to the good people of (enter name.) Quote Fredrick Douglass. Ask whom Martin Luther King would vote for. Enough already. Just get to the debate.

But now I'm going to jump ahead, assume that Clinton wins the nomination and Obama comes in second because clearly, Edwards is done.

The sixty-four-thousand dollar question?

Should Clinton have Obama be her running mate?