09/17/2012 01:02 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2012

Fake Fashion Fix

Fake glasses or spectacles are the easiest fashion fix there is. Yesterday, after three meetings before 11 a.m. my fake specs came to the rescue when I dashed over to NYFW in the afternoon. Out of the door at 7:30 a.m. meant my hair was limp and clothes creased, but I felt brainy, busy and bright in my glasses. Looking round at the shows too, my guess is I am not the only one faking it.

Earlier this year, my optician made up some Hackett black-rimmed glasses for me -- with clear lenses. They are similar to, but larger than my prescription readers and I love them. All through my last year at high school I wore a pair of glasses I had lied to my optician to get. They gave me a terrible headache, but looked great. Now, when I feel like being anonymous but it's too dark for sunglasses, on go my fakes.

Fake specs are the perfect pick-up on uh-oh days. Bad eye-bags in the morning? Fake glasses please! Feel like looking intelligent? There is no easier way to the smarts than a large pair of sexy 1960s-style specs. OK, it is a bit Demi or Jennifer-at-the-airport-ish but believe me, you cannot go wrong. Just like the superstars, I have also discovered there is no better way to ward off unwanted side-chat and overly bossy crew on a flight than popping on a large pair of brainy-looking specs. Fakes have to be worn with aplomb. They are wonderful for taking off and waving around when you need to be make a point, they also garner you the attention of the kind of people who might normally ignore you. I am talking about school teachers and bank managers here, but fakes could give you a new lease of life at work, for instance.

Fall fashions virtually demand a pair of shiny, edgy spectacles. Think Gucci and there you go. Spectacles look sexy with heels, ingénue-ish with flats. OK, so I know my imagination means that all life is a costume opportunity but isn't it? Dressing up, by that I mean wearing something slightly outrageous or fake like my spectacles, requires a little bit of outside the box thinking. Where else, when you're trying hard to make life happen can you be adventurous and make personal statements, than with the way you look?

I need prescription glasses for reading and alongside my 'real' Hacketts I have found great versions in Anthropologie and on New York City street vendors stalls. Look closely, many street stalls now sell plain glasses with reading lenses for $5. So, even if you actually need to wear glasses, stylish versions are available on the cheap if your problem is simple short-sightedness.

Most opticians will make up any glasses they have in stock with plain glass if you feel like splashing out on a fake pair. Also, vintage stores are usually loaded with sunglasses and spectacles that can be bought and then taken to the optical store for replacement lenses. I realize my cover is now blown fake-specs wise but that won't stop me wearing them!